About Us


Prestige Talent is a small roster Vancouver based talent agency representing actors/actresses for TV shows, movies, commercials and voice over.


We are more than a talent agency. We are considering our clients part of an active partnership. Working with our agency means we will work actively with you on keeping your resume, training, demo reel up to date. Always you will get feedback from us regarding your next step forward in your acting career.


Communication is very important in our relationship with our clients. Please do not feel intimidated or shy to call us anytime and ask any questions related to your acting progress. We will be honest and provide you the best advice possible.


Our goal, as an talent agency, is to keep and support all the time a small roster. A small roster will help us focusing and knowing very well the clients we are representing.


You are not a number for us....YOU are the most important asset for our agency. If YOU succeed WE will succeed too. This is our business model.


Prestige Talent is proud to represent Vancouver based talent and always is looking forward to represent the next star.

Maybe YOU are the next star!!!


The main agent for Prestige Talent is Monica Raynolds. Monica is a business oriented person bringing her business, media and entertainment experience in our agency. She is a go getter person and she will never give up supporting and pushing our talent forward.


     205-810 Quayside DR

    New Westminster, BC

    V3M 6B9

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